The Well Fed Soul


Have you ever felt like something was missing in your pursuit of health? Have you felt like no matter how much you diet and work out, you never feel quite as wonderful as you think you can? This site is for you. This site is for the people who want to be and feel truly well and healthy, regardless of the number on a scale. 


The Well Fed Soul is about so much more than diets, fitness and weight loss. The Well Fed Soul is an exploration and a celebration of what it means to be truly and holistically well-fed, in body,mind,and spirit!

About Me

Sarah lives in Pennsylvania with her amazing hubby,daughter, and two dogs. She's passionate about movement and the outdoors and spends her free time frolicking in the forest as often as possible. She was tired of the online wellness space being filled with diets and guilt and frustration and fear and decided to do something about it. 


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