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My Story

Until recently, I had been on some kind of a diet for as long as I can remember. I remember being 10 years old and comparing my body to the other kids and feeling, even at that young age, like I just didn't measure up. From that point forward, every activity, every meal, every compliment, every relationship was viewed through the lens of "my body isn't good enough".

This worldview not only caused serious mental/emotional issues in my life, but it kept people that loved me at arms length. Over the years, this mentality grew into developing bulimia and anorexia, putting 'thin' above EVERYTHING, even my overall health. I finally hit my breaking point when my malnourished body could barely function at all, let alone function correctly. After clawing my way out of disordered eating and back to a healthy relationship with food and exercise, I began to realize that the health/wellness industry is chock-full of messaging that is encouraging us to put 'skinny' over all. Fear-based marketing tactics suggest that if we aren't perfect, we aren't worthy, we'll never be loved, and our lives are a waste.

ENOUGH ALREADY! The Well Fed Soul is a community encouraging you to feed yourself the good stuff, in every area of your life. To focus on the beauty and light and joy of your body, of your mind, of your soul and of your life. 

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